Varil is a craftknight who is part of the gold guild in the city of swords... a expert spear user, he is unconventional for a craftknight in that he often will use weapons that he and his partner did not make together which for most craftknights is almost like a unspoken taboo. His reasoning for this is that by wielding the weapons of others, you can understand how they fight... and with that knowledge you can learn to handle how they may attack or defend, their weaknesses in their weapon or in the stances they have to use due to the weapon's weight or grip. His partner is a twin unit of the craftlord of gold's, which he calls Ram-dor due to it's tendancy to have to slam doors open since it can't use the door handles. The easy way to tell the difference between the two is that Ram-dor's lighting is a watery blue, compared to Run-dor's pale green.

Few can argue with his skill however as he often takes part in the craftknight tournaments held in their main arena to practice. Whenever he has a spear in his hands, there are few who can hope to best him in the city of swords of his rank. He has a affinity for water imbunements despite his partner's clearly mechanical nature, the pair's reasoning is that it's the things that you are weakest to that when you confront them, they become your greatest strength.

Char varil