This one I will keep brief. Players are allowed no more than 2 actions per turn. It does not matter how many characters a player has they are allowed no more than two actions per turn, unless they find an item that gives 1 and only 1 character an extra action, but those don't stack up, when that happens the limit is 3 max. Actions including shopping, fighting, puzzle solving, learning new techniques and spells, chatting to gain information, crafting, displaying abilities, equipping something, transforming, using teleportation or portals, looting, stealing, commanding a pet, beast, or summons calling said summons or beast, laying traps, equipping poison, turning on modes, and of course, using an ultimate. Even if a player fails a roll the action will be used. NPCS only are allowed 1 action, they don't really have ultimates though. Originally we decided who goes first by tabletop simulators color system, players pick the color they want and we just go down the list to see who gets to do what, after every player has had a turn it is the end of the round, npcs normally will act at the end of the round. Thats what we did originally but now we will roll initiative based on either intuition, speed, or charisma(no crits or fails on initiative rolls).

Players will roll a base d20 for any action, players can only land criticals on a d20. A 1 is a critical fail and a 20 is a critical hit, a crit hit doesn't necessarily mean success however, instead you take your score before adding any mode or other player bonuses and multiply it by 1.5. If a player does something to add points to the party it is written down on the notepad for everyone to see, said player will roll a d6 to see how many rounds it will last, and the round will be counted every time it gets to said player's turn. Bonuses have a range based on dex from the character that cast it. For status effects to the enemy, you add a d12 roll to the end of the point tally even after a crit hit, and that also last d6 rounds. I will explain what status effects do under the page called status effects.

Saving other players or counter, dodging, or blocking to save yourself are considered free actions, they don't count as part of the layer's turn but they can only do one per character during npc turn, no ultimates maybe used to save someone during this time. Players can also choose to assist other players, doing so sacrifices an action on their turn, so up to two assists are allowed per round. If a player uses to assist than the dm skips that players turn.