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The arc start at the guild hall of the newly instated Raging Sun Guild, with its guild master, James Dovahkariid, Most of the adventurers save for the ones from Dovah Viing were there receiving a tour. Outside the members of Dovah Viing finally showed up along with the new high king, Daichi and his body guards. Dovah Viing then invites the party over to their guild hall and gives them a tour, they find many of the members to be odd. The guild master mainly wants to make an alliance with the Raging Sun guild, as well as recruit Sigrun. The alliance goes through but Sigrun declines. Just as they are leaving a young Elven Princess aided by a young elf boy with a sword and shield appear in the hall. She runs over to one of them members and says "Lucina it's me, Zelda, please we need you and the other 7 Deadly Sins help, I don't believe that you helped murder the royal paladin 10 years ago"!

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