Status effects are temporary or permanent effects that last until death or after a certain number of rounds determined by a d6 roll. There are both positive and negative effects, I will be listing the negative effects first as some are originally created by players and will be need to be added later. Status effects do not work on final bosses.


Name  Duration Description Enhancements Counters
Burning d6 rounds Targets will either catch on fire or feel a burning sensation that does d12 dmg while status is inflicted. Like from acid or plants If the target is burning because of flames then things like oil, the player can add an extra d12. If its more like a sensation then if the character has skin that is allergic to something specific then using that item and inflict an extra d12 of dmg. For Fire, using, cold, water, dirt, or lack of air can be used to cancel the effects. For a sensation things like remedies or ointments are needed. Acid can be washed off with water, but for more potent acids you need anti-acidic solutions.
Frozen d6 rounds Targets will take extra d12 dmg if some form of ice is used, and will be unable to move until status infliction is gone. For time related magic or mental no extra damage is added but target is defenseless. For Ice if the target is wet or in a cold area then an extra d12 is added for the dmg affliction. For mental magic there needs to be a chemical in the air that causes drowsiness or if a target is dizzy. Nothing for time. For Ice you need to be warm or need a large heat source to thaw out, for mental you need some mental resistance or someone who has psychic abilities to fight. For time it's a will save.
Paralysis d6 rounds Targets will be unable to move until effect wears off. Lightning can be used to incapacitate targets temporarily. Mental abilities can cause a similar feeling, as well as being poisoned with paralysis poison. For lightning if a target is wet or if a conductor is that is being held by the target is hit than add an extra d12 of damage, for mental if the target For mental magic there needs to be a chemical in the air that causes drowsiness or if a target is dizzy. There is nothing for paralysis poison. To counter Lightening a good way is to have a natural insulator, or to have something that can act as a lightning rod that you stick into the ground. for mental you need some mental resistance or someone who has psychic abilities to fight. For paralysis poison you need an antidote.(Does not work on undead)
Bleeding d6 rounds Targets will lose blood and get dizzy, taking d12 damage until the the infliction ends. Bleeding damage normally happens at random, depends if the cut is deep. Take multiple cuts or using barbed weapons that open wounds when pulled out, or sucking out the blood, and dismemberment will add extra d12 damage. Having someone apply first aid, using healing magic, or regeneration will automatically stop the bleeding. Does not work on undead or characters that don't have blood, like undead, machines, souls bound to armor, spirits, etc.
Poisoned d6 rounds Targets will have poison in their bloodstream, taking a certain amount of damage based on the poison until the infliction ends. Poison can be applied to weapons, venom can also be applied to weapons or if a venomous animal bites its enemy then the same poison rules apply. Poisons can be crafted or harvested, venom cannot be but can be harvested. Liquor & dehydration can make the effects of poison worse or larger doses, 1 regular bottle of poison can be used about 4 times for average effect. Antidotes are the best way to cure poison or venom, sometimes you need specific antidotes to heal specific poisons or venom. Usually they can be found on the enemy who also has poison or venom. A venomous animal can be used to make an antidote fore said venom. Strong healing magic might work sometimes. You can also try to suck the venom out if done quickly on point of entry but you risk getting poisoned yourself. Some people might have immunities, depending if they built it up or not. Does not work on undead, spirits, djinn, just on souls bound to objects, machine race, statues, or elementals.
Infected d6 rounds Targets will be infected with a disease in their bloodstream, depends on the contamination level. Infections can come from sick folk, being in dirty areas like quarantines, sewers, junkyards, or from infected animals like rats or lizards. Some diseases can be extracted and used like poison. This can work better when a target has a naturally weakened immune system, is malnourished, or low on hp. Using different types of diseases can make it worse. Any form of healing magic or medicine can cure this. Some people might have build up an immunity to specific diseases. Does not work on undead, spirits, djinn, just on souls bound to objects, machine race, statues, or elementals.
Confused d6 rounds Targets can't tell whats going on and lash out at everything, self included. This is usually a psychic ability. It works better on the weak minded or weak willed. Being drunk, sick, poisoned, dizzy, or hypnotized can make it easier to susceptible someone to confusion. Having a strong mind, will, or being physically well can help with prevent this. Having someone else with psychic ability can be used to counter confusion. Does not work on the brainless, all pcs have brains.
Drunk Until the dm decides enough time has passed. Targets will become confused, dizzy, and possibly horrified, calmed, enraged, and on extreme severity blind, asleep, poisoned, hypnotized, or paralyzed. If a person is a light drinker, a minor, has low mass, is drinking too much, is severly dehydrated, sick, or poisoned it will become worse. Also if somehow injected directly into the bloodstream. Its less likely if the person is a heavy drink, drinks lightly, or high mass or is an adult. Does not work on undead, spirits, just on souls bound to objects, machine race, statues, or elementals. If the drinks aren't very strong than drinking a lot of water, coffee, or hot sauce can sober them up. Hot Sauce will cause a burning effect.
Dizzy d6 rounds Targets will lose their sense of balance and take a penalty on dex. May induce vomiting and cause target to collapse. Can be caused by head trauma, motion sickness, spinning, intensely hot days. Works better if the target is weak to motion sickness, has taken multiple blows to the head, is drunk. Healing magic or motion sickness remedies usually work. Lying down might work but doing so leaves you open to attack.
Hypnotized d6 rounds Targets will be controlled by a the person who uses a hypnosis or charm effect for a limited time. Works better on weak willed or drunk targets. For charming works better if user is attractive or has high charisma. Being iron willed(no this does not apply to everyone, mostly stoic characters, depends on character personality), Sober, or somehow increasing your focus can make it harder to be hypnotized or charmed, you normally roll intu or intel depending on how its done. Does not work on the mindless. Someone else with similar abilities can try and dispel it.
Blind d6 rounds Targets will be unable to see, but all other senses work. Works better in silent, dark areas Some targets don't need to see so this makes no difference, also its harder to blind those with various types of dark vision, the better your dark vision, the harder you are to blind.
Disarmed until they

get the

weapon back

Targets lose the weapon they are holding. Works better if you launch the weapon away or destroy it. Strong grip, magic returning weapons, or sturdy weapons will weaken this effect, it's also good to caryy more than one.
Dismembered Permanent unless

operated on,

magically healed, or regeneration

is applicable

Targets are unable to use a limb or have lost a limb, making them weaker or slower, for tails its a dex penatly, wings, obviously remove ability to fly. A strong weapon or technique for causing dismember will normally result in it. Armor gives you a better chance of preventing it, regeneration is the best way to get over it.
Asleep d6 rounds Targets will fall asleep an be unable to do a thing, normally to do this narcotics need to be used or some kinda psychic ability, bard abilities work as well. Works better if target is exhausted or weak willed Resistance is better if you are energetic or strong willed
Mana Drain d6 rounds Targets magic keeps taking continuous penalties on magic rolls, if the mana drain increases to match intelligence the victim will die Works better on those with low intelligence One way to stave it off is mana potions, other than that keeping a high enough intelligence stat can help you survive.
Mute d6 rounds Targets will not only be unable to speak but also incapable of casting magic for a limited time. N/A N/A
Petrifiied d6 rounds Targets will be made of stone, leaving them vulnerable to 1 hit k-os N/A Using a reflective surface, Fairy's Hammer, Golden Needle, Anti-Petrification Potion. greater restoration spells, or wobbling out
Polymorphed d6 rounds Turns target into helpless livestock N/A N/A
Enraged d6 rounds Makes targets lash out at anyone they see If the character is naturally angry or has bad relations with those around them If the character is naturally calm, iron willed, or has good relations with thos around them
Horrified d6 rounds Makes targets flee in terror
Calmed d6 rounds Makes target stay where they are and not attack anyone
Cursed depends on type Inflicts a curse on a target that can cause other status effects or death within time Blessing


Name  Duration Description Enhancements Counter
1 A
2 B
3 C