Sheiko Cazandora is a white colored winged saurian created by a group of dragons known as the realm dragons and a red saurian that goes by the name of Ark. Currently, he is the new emperor of the sides of the forces of nature known as Mana and Blight. He also serves under the guild Dovah Viing as a Regular Member. Back a long time ago, he used to be part of a dragon arena after leaving his clan when his heart got broken due to his love being rejected by a female dragoness known as Yuki. He joined the dragon arena to prove to her that he is a worthy mate... this however backfired as he was now viewed by his clan as a murderer and a monster. As of right now, Sheiko resides in his kingdom known as Tigra with his two wifes Marigold and Amanita.


205 years old.

Gemstone seeds:

Jasper Seed:

The Jasper seed allows Sheiko to tap into the powers of the mummy dragon, giving him abilities such as turning other living things into mummies, summon necrotic bodyguards, use the power of both Anubis and Ammit, use Ra's light, and summon a battalion of mummy warriors to fight for him.

Mummy Dragon:

The Mummy dragon is a female realm dragon controlling the realm of the deserts and undeath, the Mummy dragon when around is an extremely motherly figure, once she finds someone she likes she will be overly attached to them, such as Ankha and Sigrun. She also has a respect for Zeruge who had been cursed by Anubis for interfering with his attempts to retain full godhood... by being fate bound to being a tomb king and has since kept around to do his kingly duties even when Anubis resigned control of the curse to her.

Lapis Lazuli Seed:

The Lapis Lazuli seed allows Sheiko to tap into the powers of the water/ocean dragon, giving him abilities such as summoning large vast Tsunami's, communicate