Ryouga is a craftknight of the silver guild who despite his human appearance is actually a sealed demon child... though this isn't too well known outside a select few. Ryouga comes across as a calm and relaxed person who takes things as they come... and while he may seem like he cannot actually be bothered to do things, he is a exceptional swordsman and blacksmith, often 'half assing' his work by other's opinions yet still producing amazing weaponry.

Ryouga is one of the few craftknights not of craftlord status to achieve a unique power known as 'Edge Fencer'. This power allows it's user to channel the energy within summonite gems to transform and attain greater power for a limited time... in Ryouga's case, this unseals his demonic heritage for a time and exposes his hidden power.

The only thing that ever seems to frustrate Ryouga is if someone touches or eats his cherries that he grows on the silver guild grounds... when asked for why exactly this bothers him so much, Ryouga explains simply that a cherry's taste often reminds him of how the world can be if people took away all the distractions that aren't needed so you could just enjoy it for what it is.

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