A world of evolution... Edit

Mariglenn is a world in which evolution took a very drastic change compared to what would be normal on most worlds... here, the trees, the beasts and even the people were born with a unique cell type known as a Oracle cell. This cell naturally generates energy and can combine together to form vast colonies that end up becoming whatever they evolve to become, evolving by consuming other things. The beasts of this world are known as Aragami by other worlds and are regarded as monsters of destruction and disaster... though this is not the entire truth. They act on instinct and otherwise live by their own natural order.

On this world, several races lived in harmony with the world... humans, aragami and the Kyroth (who for the most part resemble dragons both humanoid and feral which have a amazingly strong spiritual power and Oracle energy reserves).

There are two main kingdoms that live in the world, one ruled by the humans, and one ruled by the Kyroth and their king Illenoth the Sixth.

In one time lost... Edit

In one timeline, Mariglenn was destroyed when monsters from abyssal tears that formed in the world came and started trying to ruin the land. A strange man bearing a unusual rune came before the kings of the two kingdoms and assured them that if they did not send everything they had to fight off the beasts and soldiers that came from these tears, down to invading back through their own portals... then their world would be destroyed. The king of the humans and the king of the Kyroth both agreed that it was in their best interest to stop this invasion and so sent their entire armies to repel the invading force. The human armies fell before the monsters but the Kyroth army, led by Demios charged through the portal and fought the monsters.

This was a trap however, as the runed man Yueber was the one responsible for the monsters attacking in the first place... the portals connected to the abyss, a deep and dark domain within Purgatory where the worst demons, sinners and corrupted beings dwelled. Yueber killed king Illenoth and Demios' wife Yorshka who at the time was pregnant with Demios' children... before he closed the portals trapping the Kyroth army in the abyss, leaving the world to be ravaged and destroyed by the denizens of the abyss that escaped and were not slain by the armies.

Yueber left the other versions of Mariglenn alone, though why exactly he targetted this version of it is unclear.