I've tried to make leveling up very simple in this game. Instead of collecting exp you need to complete side quest and main quest.  The reason being that since there is no actual computer to keep track this makes it easier and that way all characters level up equally as long as they take part of the quest. Right now every player character has had to start at level one with no exceptions thus far, but that can change if you have been playing a campaign for a large number of quest and you want to introduce someone who can keep up, depends on the dm. A main quest will always increase a players character level by 1 full level, where as a side quest will vary. I will include a chart below to illustrate how side quest increase levels. It is the players responsibility to make sure that they record the level so that the dm can make sure a character does not have one too many or too few stat points. At level one a character's stat points total should not exceed 36 or be any less than 36. For each full level a character's total pts should equal their level times 36. After level 5 a characters hp will keep increasing but not their luck or movement, that will be given as a bonus for every 5 full levels.

Levels sub levels stat points; 1 mq = 36 pts
1-5 2 sq 18 pts each
5-10 3 sq 12 pts each
10-15 4 sq 9 pts each
15-20 6 sq 6 pts each
20-25 9 sq 4 pts each
25-30 12 sq 3 pts each
30-35 18 sq 2 pts each
35 above 36 sq 1 pt each

Total Stat pts(not including for side quest) = Player character level x 36 stat pts