Dovah Viing is a guild that was founded in 1108 ad, in the outskirts of the country Worth, world Tierra. Dovah Viing is thu'um for Dragon Wings, the meaning representing the members flying strong

They stole the insignia from the Imperials, lol

and free.
Rank  Member name
Guild Master Darius
Magic Advisor Valie
Black Market Advisor Xerssius
Warrior Customs Advisor Markus(Nord Warrior)
1st S-Rank TOW(The Oblivion Walker)
2nd S-Rank Machina(Mecromancer)
3rd S-Rank Wilder Dragoon
4th S-Rank Medaka Kusanagi
5th S-Rank Akana Mido
6th S-Rank Stella Lockhart
7th S-Rank Saito Masamune
8th S-Rank Rodrik G. Asher
9th S-Rank Sabel
S-Rank Candidate The Broma Brothers
S-Rank Candidate Ardon
S-Rank Candidate Ammon Walentya
S-Rank Candidate Benjamin Anton
S-Rank Candidate Charles Fleurette
S-Rank Candidate Andromeda Kurta
S-Rank Candidate Arkay(Orc Berserker)
S-Rank Candidate Diabella(High Elf Bard)
S-Rank Candidate Zenithar(Dwarven Berserker/Blacksmith)
S-Rank Candidate Shimoto Katate
S-Rank Candidate Karinka Toketa
S-Rank Candidate Zumo Ariku
S-Rank Candidate Yisra
S-Rank Candidate Dust, Ahrah, & Fidget
S-Rank Candidate Horn & Gourd
S-Rank Candidate W-Revenger(Doubre-yu Levengel)
S-Rank Candidate Helen Hrothgar
Regular Member Dante(Former Templar)
Regular Member Maffeo Polo(Former Assassin)
Regular Member Arriane(Elven Archer)
Regular Member Kleine Jager
Regular Member Michael J. Kanobi
Regular Member Grimmjack
Regular Member Franziska Riese
Regular Member Morrigan Flemeth's Daughter
Regular Member Leliana Oisine's Daughter
Regular Member Mileena(Knight & Ardon's Wife)
Regular Member Timmy(Mileena & Ardon's step daughter)
Regular Member Lucas(Mileena & Ardon's son)
Regular Member Assanius Cluntiuss
Regular Member Bolwing TrueShot
Regular Member Idela
Regular Member Roshira
Regular Member Sharbumphgro-Urish
Regular Member Stelvene Stenck
Regular Member Yisra
Regular Member Sten Broma
Regular Member Ron Cousland(Grey Warden Warrior)
Regular Member Nathaniel Howe(Grey Warden Rouge)
Regular Member Velanna(Grey Warden Mage)
Regular Member Eamon Ebenezer
Regular Member Nico
Regular Member Salvador
Regular Member Mariah Cygnus
Regular Member Noah Hoshea
Regular Member Ruby & Jon
Regular Member Juan Aguacate(Luchador)
Regular Member Tostada(Luchador)
Regular Member Airashi Rozu
Regular Member Bass(Martial Artist)
Regular Member Eden(Martial Artist)
Regular Member Frio(Martial Artist)
Regular Member Morrigan(Martial Artist)
Regular Member Niro
Regular Member Raiden(Martial Artist)
Regular Member Shimodo Hatake
Regular Member Sheiko Cazandora
Honorary Member Sigrun
Regular Member(deceased) L
Regular Member(deceased) Light Yagami
Regular Member(deceased) Tatsumi
Regular Member(deceased) Kamina
Regular Member(deceased) Johnny Topside
Regular Member(deceased) John Marshton
Regular Member(deceased) Booker DeWitt
Regular Member(deceased) Spike Siegel
Staff Goblin Chef
Staff Gremlins
Staff Wenches
Staff Train Conductors & Operators
Known/Secret  Alliances
Known The Companions
Known The Stormcloaks
Known The College of Winterhold
Secret The Thieves Guild
Secret The Dark Brotherhood
Known The Dawn Guard
Secret The Brotherhood
Secret The Bloodbane Pirates
Known The Raging Sun Guild
Secret The Hunter's Clan