In this game death is not really a punishment unless you get a tpk(total party killed), when a player character dies they meet the grim reaper. The grim reaper is controlled by the dm, unless the dm's character dies. Now the reaper will play a game with the player character but only on the player's turn. Note: This can be skipped if someone has a resurrection ability but those are limited to one use per map. The game is normally a card game, if the player wins they come back to life with full health but no recovery on items or armor and with receive death's calling card. Death's calling card is an item that allows the player to communicate once with the grim reaper and any deceased player. If they player loses then they can't come back to life yet. If every player character on the map dies, then the dm has to reset the map, as if nothing ever happened and the players have to start from the beginning of the map. That's the only real consequence, there's no permanent death.