Character race is pretty simple, mpst races are required to be humanoid and bipedal, tails are fine. There is a list of races that covers everything in the game thus far, when a player wants to play a race that isn't listed the advantage and disadvantage points must be created a new. 1st thing you fill out is race, like I said before invent a new one or pick a preexisting one. Next is the advantage points, you must pick 2 stat pts to add when you roll on certain actions, this does not dedcut or add to your base stats however. For example Humans have +2 intelligence or Intel pts, if your character stats are 8 intel and you roll a 12 then you add them together like this 8 + 2 + 12 = 22. Once again, race does not alter your stat card at all. so advantage pts can +2 same stat or +1 stat +1 other stat, for example elves are +1 Dex(Dexterity) +1 Int(Intuition). Next up is the disadvantage points, the rules are almost the same as advantage points except it takes a way 1 stat point from rolls, once again it takes a point from rolls not stat card. For example humans have -1 Chr(Charisma), lets say their charisma stat is 7 and you roll a 13, then you add them like this 7 + 13 - 1 = 19. Note the luck would still be 14. Lastly is the final game changer for this card, the optional bonus. It's Optional because not everybody needs one but its recommended that everyone has one. This is how it works, the player makes a rule for their character that can help them in anyway, it can be an immunity, bonus points or rolls, abilities like night vision or water breathing. I plan to release a list of every optional bonus I have from myself and players. The only rules are that your character can't be invisible, game breaking, the dm has to say its ok, and if similar optional bonuses should have the same name or vice versa. Most optional bonuses pertain to a character's race or class, this is where you put a passive or automatic abilities. Be sure to communicate with your players clearly about it, sometimes you might have a player breaking a rule with no one, not even the player, realizing it. Here is what the card should look like below.

Character's Race
Advantage:+2 pts
Disadvantage:-1 pts
(Opt Bonus):