The final card, the character's treasure card, this card is actually the easiest to fill out. All you need to do is write the name of the character at the top and the word treasure, starting off your supposed to put nothing in this card. Since the inventory card is mainly for equipped items this is where you write down any items you find. Note: you do not put your money in here. Note: Your allowed detail cards for items in here too. If you switch attire or weapons than the unequipped items go here and the equipped items go to inventory. If a player feels like their treasure card is running out of room they are allowed to buy 1 back pack. Beyond that they need to buy chests that they store somewhere, which if not careful might get robbed, the characters can't take the chests with them, and if you want a bank then you will be charged money depnding on time decided by the dm. Chests don't really have limits but if your not next a chest you can't use the items inside and if you lock it, making it harder to steal from, you need to have the keys on you or lockpicks, other wise you need to destroy the chest carefully to prevent from destroying the items inside and the chest card will no longer be usuable. For the bank you need a reciept from the bank. Most characters are not allowed to start with extra inventory items, if they do they just put them in their own treasure card, it depends on how generous the dm is feeling. Your treasure card for a starting character should look like below.

Character's Treasure