Blaire is the craftlord of iron and is the guild leader of the iron guild in the city of swords. He is a avid lover of all things spicy and as a result he can often be found sneaking off to indulge in his guilty pleasure of eating curries instead of actually working. This doesn't mean he isn't a hard worker as when he DOES decide to work, he is very firm and resolved to getting the task done, often skipping on breaks in order to achieve what needs to be done.

He is partnered with a demon prince named Loki, who has a tendancy to be immature and bite off more than they can chew with their challenges against strong opponents... but their entire intent is to become a better partner for Blaire since they consider him a almost legendary warrior rivalling the overlords of his own world.

Blaire sets a somewhat strict training regime for the craftknights of iron but it is all intended to help strengthen them and make them ready for the outside world. This regime consists of:

  1. Swinging their blacksmith hammer 100 times.
  2. Running a treadmill connected to a water wheel, with the waterwheel having sand rather than water to make it more difficult to move.
  3. Running laps around the iron guild's district with a bag full of heavy rocks.

Blaire is also the adoptive father of Zeruge Demaar, a Ysian roo that one day arrived on his doorstep as a baby due to a conflict that he knew very little about... and he gave him his current name because he couldn't properly pronounce Zeruge's real name 'Zeroogue'. He raised Zeruge to be a craftknight and while he can be firm with him, he does tend to forgive Zeruge when he does things that would land most craftknights in trouble due to having taught Zeruge to take responsibility for the things he does... and no matter how much Zeruge may complain about it, Blaire knows that in the end Zeruge will always responsibly handle it.